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Hitting 10 Mini Basketball Hoop

AUTHENTIC BASKETBALL ACTION – This mini basketball hoop’s pro-grade steel rim delivers the true look and feel of a full-sized basketball rim to boost your confidence and help you get ready for real games

Gianni’s Immortality 3
Basketball Shoes

How do you want your game to be remembered? Preserve your place among the greats, like Gianni’s, in the Gianni’s Immortality 3. Mindfully made for today’s high-paced, position-less game, it’s softer than the previous iteration with a specific traction pattern that’s perfect for pulling off the perfect Euro step en route to glory.


The service is great. I recommend sand in the base before you set it up or it will fall. Weight on the top also helps. The net that comes with it will fade a bit after a few strong rain storms. I ordered that net separately when I ordered the the hoop.

Maris Torres

I am so happy that I had brought this hoop for my kid. This size is perfect for my backyard. Affordable price and good quality. It has adjustable height, and it’s easy to adjust. Definitely a great buy. Recommended!

Kristine Loas

My grandson LOVES this Hoop!! He’s seven so it’ll only last 2 years for his size since it’s kind of small, but we’ll worth the price!!I’ll soon be draining it and filling it with concrete instead so there’s no damage in freezing conditions.

B Larrat